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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why Ride?

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Bug on Mushroom in Manure

For my first ride of 2013 I decided on a short tough ride through the familiar trails of Clear Mountain. It has a bit of everything – winding single track, thick forest, fast firetrail descents and tough climbs.

Bug on Mushroom in ManureBug on Mushroom in Manure

While I was riding on the single tracks, I spied this mushroom in the middle of the track, growing out of a pile of manure left by a horse. I thought I’d try taking a picture of it, but when I did, a fly perched on top of the mushroom. He didn’t budge no matter how I contorted myself to try and get the best picture.

Bug on Mushroom in Manure

I’ve probably said this to you before, but:

I don’t ride to get fit. That’s just a side-effect.

I don’t ride to break records or win races – even though I sometimes try to grab a KOM or two on Strava.

The thing that keeps me coming back is discovering new things, exploring new places, and sharing those discoveries with my friends. That’s why I really enjoy riding with people, and writing about what we find.

I’ve ridden this track hundreds of times, but I got a buzz out of the fact that on yet another familiar ride I was able to discover something new.

I mean – it’s not every day you get to write about a bug on a mushroom in a pile of manure :)

Happy New Year!

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