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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three For One

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Here’s a poem I wrote recently as part of a competition on the theme “Making pictures”.

For those of you not in the know, a Triptych is a set of three pictures, each related to a similar subject (e.g. Frederick McCubbin’s “The Pioneer”). So in this poem, I tried to create a set of three pictures, all with similar elements – fire / heat, smoke / smells, wondrous sounds, etc.



Ancient flames crackle on wizened twigs.

I crouch upon the dusty cavern floor.

Wisps of sacred smoke caress my hair

While I make pictures on the rocky wall. 

Dark stick-men chase herds of totem beasts.

My ochred fingers craft a timeless scene.

I dream of victory in tomorrow’s hunt

As Tribal voices chant the mystical songs.

Watcher from a future day,

I am like you.

I live and love.

I laugh and dance.

I weep and wonder in the dawn of time.

Holy candles flicker on the altar.

I stretch beneath the vaulted chapel ceiling.

Pungent incense wafts through hallowed halls

While I make pictures on the plaster wall. 

Angels and patriarchs pause in pious pose.

My paint-stained fingers deftly dab and brush.

I dream of eternity and creation’s span

As choral voices echo from the walls.

Watcher from a future day,

I am like you.

I gasp in awe.

I gaze at stars.

I long for answers to eternal questions.

Brilliant sunlight pierces through the clouds.

I stand atop a mountain’s forest glade.

Eucalypt and wattle tinge the air

While I make pictures through my camera lens. 

Exhilarated hikers in the frame,

My sweaty fingers click and twist the dials.

I drink the pristine glory of this place

As bird songs warble in the forest air.

Watcher from a future day,

I am like you.

I conquer hills.

I walk long paths.

I drink the splendour of our world.

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