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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kidnapping the Neighbors Kids

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Our kids had a visit from a couple of their friends this morning.

Rather than let them sit around playing computer games, we bundled them into the van and took them on a couple of hikes. (After checking that it was ok to kidnap a couple of extra kids. Thanks Renea!)

The first hike was around Camp Mountain – a beautiful forest to the south of Samford. I’ve done this on the mountain bike before, and really wanted to show everyone how picturesque it is.

Up the Long Road

It’s a big road for a small person. Lilly kept going all day. (Picture by Liz)

Camp Mountain Summit

It’s a good climb to the Summit of Camp Mountain, with great views of the city.

Lace Monitor

Some of the wildlife at the top (Picture by Liz)

The second hike was up the Goat Track – a washed out dirt road west of Samford. I love this road because of the views and the fascinating Rock Art that has sprung up along the way.

Sail BoatCouple with ChildMenagerie

I’ve been observing the rock structures over the last couple of months and they’re getting quite realistic!

Albany Creek Water Tower

The view from The Goat Track looking east past the Water Tower at Albany Creek, with Moreton Bay in the background.

All up we hiked 8.8km with a total ascent of 520m. I was really impressed with how well the kids coped with it – no complaints and everyone kept up a great pace (average of about 4.5km/h).

Well done team!

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