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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Goat Track

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The Goat Track is a narrow one-way gravel road which winds up from Samford Valley to Mount Nebo. Until recently it saved motorists over 10km on the trip.

The Goat Track (1/8)The Goat Track (2/8)

But heavy rain a few months ago caused landslides which made the road impassable for everything except foot traffic and mountain bikes.

Rock Sculptures (3/8)Rock Sculptures  (4/8)Propitiating the Mountain Gods (5/8)

The natural disaster has inspired the locals to develop some exciting new art forms.

Propitiating the Mountain Gods (6/8)Propitiating the Mountain Gods (7/8)

At first one or two simple stone sculptures sprang up by the roadside near the damaged areas. As other walkers passed by, they added to the artwork, building more and more complex sculptures until in one area, the whole roadside has turned into one large gallery of public artwork seeking to propitiate the gods of the mountain to ensure the safety of this thoroughfare.

More Rock SculpturesMore Rock SculpturesMore Rock SculpturesMore Rock SculpturesMore Rock SculpturesMore Rock Sculptures

Art Gallery With A View (8/8)

This whole thing has been spontaneous. The people who contributed to it probably never met the earlier contributors, but it has evolved into a public collaborative work of art. There are rumours that the local council may not ever have the funds to repair the damage. And so weeds and grass continue their slow march reclaiming the road while people slowly turn what was a serious traffic route into a public art gallery with-a-view for fun-loving hikers.

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