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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Samsonvale Railway

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I rode out to Mt Samson and Samsonvale again this morning to continue my search for any remnants of the old Railway line, and to check out the Samsonvale Bora Ring.

Follow that train!

The railway line heads north from Mount Samson to Samsonvale. Unfortunately it disappears into the lake now. This is the view looking South towards Mount Samson station. The embankments are still evident.

Mount Samson, D'Aguilar Ranges

South of Mt Samson village the railway line runs under Kunde’s Road. This is the view west towards the unmistakable pyramid shape of Mount Samson in the D’Aguilar ranges.

Towards Kobble

The line continues north of Samsonvale through Gold’s Scrub towards Kobble.

Ancient Sentinel

This dead tree marks the site of the Samsonvale Bora Ring.

Samsonvale Bora Ring

The Samsonvale Bora Ring was an ancient, sacred, ceremonial site used by the Turrbal Aborigines for corroborees and initiation ceremonies. It stands less than a hundred metres from a busy road and is easy to see, although I’m sure most of the people driving by would have no idea about the important events that have transpired here for thousands years.

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Note: My GPS had a glitch between Mt Samson and Samsonvale so I wasn’t able to record those tracks.

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