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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

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I took the family for a hike at Mt Mee today, along the Somerset Track. It’s a 13km walk to a sheer drop that looks westward over the valley to Somerset Dam.

The Mountains are Calling

Harrison’s shirt says it all: “The mountains are calling and I must go”. The only problem was, in my enthusiasm to “go”, I didn’t take into account that 13 km is a long way for some people, especially 9 year old girls with short legs:

Big walk, small legs

I can’t think of any other kids of her age who would walk so far. Fantastic effort, Lilly, you’re amazing!


A goanna tries to be inconspicuous as we walk by.

Burt forestNew Life

I think the rangers must have been burning back recently – either that or there has been a fire because the greenery of the forest suddenly gave way to burnt undergrowth with green shoots poking through. Much native Australian flora, including these Grass Trees, regenerates after fire.

Brothers on a Rock

Sam and Harrison on a huge rock we passed.

Hills in the Haze

The panorama from the lookout.


Lilly, darling, I promise I won’t make you walk so far again.

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