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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cool Coolum

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Coolum in the cooler months is beautiful!

Dusk on the Beach

Liz, Lilly and I are happy to be back on the beach again at Coolum. Harrison is lurking in the background on the left.

Here’s a few pics of our first evening walk along the beach in a few months:

Birds on a Wire

These people looked like birds on a telegraph wire as they watched the ocean at dusk.

See Saw

Lil and Lilly had fun on the see saw in the playground

Coolum Beach at Dusk

Looking north up the beach at Coolum towards Noosa.


Heinz said...

The seesaw pic is cool!!

Neilius said...

Thanks Heinz. It was a really nice short break. BTW I fixed the "Birds on a wire" photo too :)