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Monday, February 09, 2009

Anchors Away!


Hi Everyone!

My name is Sheldon and I'm a Toy Voyager.

My mum sent me out into the big wide world on an adventure. Part of my mission is to learn something from wherever I visit. I've also been told to go to New Zealand and see a Kiwi, then to go on a few cruises. (A few??? That means more than one, doesn't it?)

Mum sent me to the right place because the people I'm living with now are crazy about cruising! Do you think that perhaps they're crazy enough to go on more than one cruise?

In a couple of days I'm going on a flight to Auckland New Zealand. And then I'll be hopping on a huge ship which will bring us back home, hopefully without me getting wet.

Here's a picture of me checking out my travel documents. I know I look calm, but inside I'm wondering what I've got myself in to!

Being a voyager can be scarey at times!

Watch this space and you might catch me in some of the family photos pop up here from time to time.

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