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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Clear Mountain Hill Climb

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One of my favourite mountain bike challenges is climbing some hills in Clear Mountain State Forest.

It’s a beautiful spot with a few creeks winding through it, tinkling Bellbird calls, and lots of different Eucalypts. But the hills are steep, and often muddy. It’s a test of strength and technical ability to climb them, which is why I keep coming back. There’s always another hill to try and beat.

This afternoon I took Liz’s camera, put it on the ground at strategic spots, and filmed myself riding by. But this time I passed some women hiking through the forest. I didn’t want them to think I was doing anything creepy with the camera in the forest, so I explained what I was trying to do. They kindly offered to help me film the hill climbs, and this video is the result.

I didn’t realize till I got home that while my back was turned they added some funny extra footage of their own.

Thank you, strange ladies of the forest. It was fun having spectators watch me have a go at these hills – even if I did conk out on the last hill!

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