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Monday, November 21, 2005

Save a man's life

I think drug trafficking is a terrible crime. Offenders should be dealt with severely.

But I strongly oppose the death penalty, and especially "Mandatory Execution" where a government stipulates that someone found guilty of a crime MUST be executed, without reference to any mitigating circumstances.

This is the case in Singapore today.

Van Nguyen is a convicted drug trafficker who will be hanged on 2 December 2005 unless by some miracle, the Singapore government changes its mind.

So far they have been unmoved by legal appeals, or by appeals for Clemency on moral or ethical grounds. So I fully support the efforts of Rights Australia to urge companies and people that hold significant investments with the Singapore government to lobby them.

Do you have an Optus phone, or internet account? Optus is 63% owned by the Singapore government. Other large Singapore concerns include SP Ausnet (Victorian Power Company) and Singapore Airlines. Click here for information about how you can ask these companies to support the campaign for clemency for Van Nguyen.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In Dublin's Fair City

Each of these pictures offers a live view of a different part of Dublin - Ireland's wonderful capital city. To get a more up to date view, just press the REFRESH button on your browser. The pictures update every 60 seconds.

If you want to know what you're looking at, hold your mouse over the picture, or click on the picture to go to the webcam site and get a larger picture, or more information.

Dublin is on the same time-zone as London. the times are on the top right of each photo, but you'll need to click on the photo and get the larger version of the picture to see the time.

O'Connell Street Bridge, DublinLower Gardner Street, Dublin
Lower Gardiner Street, DublinTalbot Street, Dublin
Corner of Talbot & Gardner Street, Dublin