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Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun at Redcliffe

Lizzie on the beach 2 of 2Lizzie on the beach 1 of 2Brother and Sister 4 of 4
Brother and Sister 2 of 4Norfolk Pines at ScarboroughWho da man?Brother and Sister 1 of 4Crazy Mum and Patient Daughter
Neil on the beachCrazy Dad and Patient DaughterRedcliffe EveningBrother and Sister 3 of 4
We had a quick picnic down at the beach at Redcliffe late this afternoon.

It didn't all go to plan - some kid's football ended up in the middle of of our food, and splattered it everywhere. Plus we couldn't find the geocache we were looking for.

But it was a lot of fun - really relaxing to get out of the house.

And the light was wonderful too - that lovely blue-hue that you get after sunset, which usually makes for good looking photos.

But the most fun was just watching the kids play, and not having to worry about everything.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Two Lizzies

They're both on the right side of 40 (you know WHICH side of 40 that is don't you?).

They're both unique.

They both have an elegance, class and beauty which seems to improve with time.

And I love them both.

Well in different ways of course.

The floating Lizzie won't be with us for much longer. She finishes up in October. And I've never actually "met" her. But I do "watch" her a lot.

But the flesh and blood Lizzie? I'm hoping we both turn 100 together. She makes my life sweet.

What a woman.

By the way, I took the photo of "my" Lizzie a few months ago on our deck one afternoon over a bottle of wine.

I took the video of QE2 from a series of webcams as she made her last transit of the Panama Canal.


Plugged and Unplugged

Brian sounds amazing on the sax.

Here's a few pieces we recorded on Saturday with Brian playing Soprano & Tenor sax, and me on WX5 as Clarinet and Flugel Horn.

Nobody Does it Better from James Bond - The Spy Who Loved Me. Brian plays Soprano Sax and I'm playing WX5 as Clarinet.

Diamonds are Forever from the James Bond movie of the same name. Brian plays Soprano Sax while i play Flugel Horn on the Wx5.

'Blue and Sweatty' a blues improvisation with Brian on Tenor and me on the WX5 Clarinet.

The backing tracks for the Bond tracks are great to play along to. But the raw and real feeling of that last blues piece, with no backing track - I really enjoy that.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Lawnton Sunset

When this sunset just happened outside my front door yesterday, I just couldn't resist trying to capture it.

I think they're magic, and are one of the many wonderful things that makes life enjoyable.

Sunset in Lawnton 1 of 6Sunset in Lawnton 2 of 6Sunset in Lawnton 3 of 6Sunset in Lawnton 4 of 6Sunset in Lawnton 5 of 6Sunset in Lawnton 6 of 6