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Monday, September 27, 2010

North Pine River. Then and Now.

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North Pine River. Then and Now.

North Pine River Footbridge

Local historian and friend Leith Barter recently sent me a copy of a photo taken near the bottom of my street around 1930.

The footbridge was built to allow local children to get to North Pine (Petrie) State School school on the other side of the river, without having to go all the way down to Gympie Road and back again.

Harrison and I went out exploring today to see if we could find where the photo was taken so we could get a “then” and “now” photo.

North Pine River. Then and Now.North Pine River. Then and Now.North Pine River. Then and Now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Government Street, Deception Bay

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This is Government Street, Deception Bay. I think the name is quite apt. It looks promising when you start following it, but eventually you end up bogged, and (in the case of the car) never see the light of day again.

But what a ride!

I just followed a few single trails in the bushland between North Lakes and Deception Bay, over a rickety handmade log bridge, held together with bits of rope, and stumbled across this swamp.

Unfortunately I fell over in the stinking mud as I tried to ride through it, and came out the other side smelling like the boys toilets at a primary school (remember?).

Thankfully I had a spare pair of gloves and socks, so I was able to clean up on the other side and ride home.

The best part of a ride is discovering something new.

Today’s ride was awesome.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

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While I was rocketing down a trail by the dam this afternoon I almost ran over this little guy ambling along by the side of the track.

He very kindly let me take his photo while he stood next to my bike, then as quick as I came, I went.

Reminds me of an old fable – except this time I got home first :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Point Glorious and Browns Creek

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I thought I’d explore some of the forest up in the hills to the west of Yandina.

There are some awesome trails in those hills, and the forest is beautiful.

Unfortunately it was raining quite heavily and the clouds blocked out any view from the lookout.

One of the hills on Browns Creek Road was heart braking, and actually beat me. It was a continuous rocky and muddy climb in excess of 20% for about 3km. The gradient was fine, but when I stopped, I was unable to clip into the pedals again, and had to walk a couple of hundred metres up the steepest part.

Browns Creek

Browns Creek. Gorgeous. What more can I say?

Browns Creek Road

Browns Creek Road

Point Glorious

The view from Point Glorious.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weyba and Noosa

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I spent a couple of hours exploring some dirt roads north west of Coolum this morning.

I didn’t really have a plan – just wanted to stay off the main roads and discover some places I’d never been before.

Even thought it was raining when I left, I wasn’t disappointed. There are plenty of dirt roads, fire trails, and bush tracks around here and I had a great time finding some new places.

Lake WeybaLake Weyba

Lake Weyba is a large salt-water lake north-west of Coolum. There aren’t many roads that allow access to the lake because it’s bounded on the east by national park and mostly on the west by private property.

After riding down a dirt track for a kilometre or so, I eventually found the lake shore. It’s quiet and picturesque – well worth the effort to find it.

Noosa National ParkNoosa National Park

Noosa National Park – Emu Swamp Section is low-lying swamp land containing lots of paper-bark / Tea Trees, Banksias and Tree Ferns.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking for Parkinson’s

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We have family and friends who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, so Liz had a great idea and suggested our family take part in the “Parkinson’s Qld Unity Walk” to raise money for research into the disease. This involved seeking sponsorship from kind hearted donors, and walking 4km along the foreshore at Wynnum on a glorious Sunday morning.

Of course, since yours truly sometimes (often?) marches to the beat of a different drummer, I thought I’d make it a bit more interesting by first riding from Lawnton to Wynnum, then doing the walk, then riding home, which added another 97km to the journey but made it a bit more of a challenge. So Liz kindly agreed to drive the kids to Wynnum and meet me there.

Parkinson's Qld Unity Walk

Parkinson's Qld Unity Walk

Parkinson's Qld Unity Walk

So we set off together along the waterfront with several hundred other like minded people, including a few walkers who were suffering from Parkinson’s disease themselves. On the way, we passed a fascinating line-up of colorful Volkswagen Beetles by the side of the road. All of them were immaculate with perfect paint jobs, sparkling chrome and proud owners not far away.

And it seemed obvious to me – if you want to have fun, spend your time with passionate people.

Whether they’re passionate about cars, or finding a cure for a disease, or just crazy / passionate about riding a bike somewhere, if you spend your time with people who have a flame burning in their heart for something, you can’t go wrong, and life is much more worthwhile.

Beetle Rainbow

All up, I did about 103km for the day. It should have been a little less, but I got lost (twice) trying to find bicycle tracks between Eagle Farm and Clayfield – as you can see from the map….

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Brisbane Forest Park

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Simon and I had an awesome ride today through Brisbane Forest Park.

We rode from Lawnton to Samford, up the Goat Track to Mt Nebo, down South Boundary Road fire road to The Gap, up Highvale Road to Mt Cooth-Tha, and then along the Coronation Drive Bikeway into the City.

All up, just over 70km, and 1,500m of climbing.

We rocketed down some amazingly fast dirt roads, climbed some mountainous steep hills, saw some beautiful sights, and met some great people.

I really must do that ride again!

Neil: “It’s down that road somewhere I think….”

Neil isn't sure

Simon: “Should I believe this bloke?”

Neither is Simon