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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mt Mee – Wamuran

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I’ve been reading Gillian Duncan’s book “Where to mountain bike in South East Queensland” and decided to try out one of the trails in that book today. Starting at Mt Mee, I followed some dirt tracks down to the Wamuran Rail Trail, then rode back up the mountain again via some more dirt tracks. All up it was a tad over 31km, but it was hard work, which made it a lot of fun!

Pedwell Road, Mount Mee

I started from Pedwell Road, Mount Mee, which winds down past a few farms with excellent views like this one.

Eventually Pedwell Road turns into a dirt road, which turns into Williams Road:

Glass House MountainsWilliams Road

Williams Road is incredibly steep in some parts. I was going downhill, and if I was riding with some buddies, I would have attempted it, but an over-the-bars out here wouldn’t have been much fun, so I walked down some of the steeper inclines.

Wamuran Rail Trail

At the bottom of the hill, it wasn’t far to the Wamuran Rail Trail which meanders through some beautiful rain forest following the trail of an old railway track.

Eventually it was time to follow the “Trail” signs back up the mountain along McLeods Road. I think whoever nailed up the signs had some new understanding of the word “Trail” because it was more like a scramble up a very steep rocky hill – difficult to walk up with a bike, let alone ride up. Even so, it’s worth the effort.

All up a loop of 31.3km, with about 750m of vertical ascent and just under 1800 cal. On the Tough-O-Meter, I’d rate this 9 out of 10 because of the really treacherous downhill on Williams Road, and the crazily steep “trail” back up on McLeods Road.

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