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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Harrys Hut Adventure

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Jumping into the Noosa River

This weeks adventure was a group ride to Harrys Hut with about twenty friends.

Eric and I scoped out the route last week, making it easier for us to relax today, and enjoy this amazing ride

I’m always surprised when so many riders turn up. The Kin Kin carpark was packed with eager riders…

Kin KinDora the Explorer

Noosa Trails Netoork, Kin Kin

Derek brought a brand-new 29er, complete with a pink hooter. Nic brought “Dora the Explorer”. Howard brought his two sons :)

Noosa Trails Netoork, Kin Kin

I tried to catch up as some of the riders enthusiastically raced up the first hill. Eric sagaciously commented to me, “Take it easy. There’s no rush.”

Noosa Trails Netoork, Kin KinNoosa Trails Netoork, Kin Kin

Around Kin Kin the Noosa Trail Network meanders through lush dairy farms. This pleasant section features many gates that require opening and closing. Each of us took turns to hold the gate open while the others rode through.

Bates Road, Como

Tresspassers Will Be ImpressedBates Road, Como

As we headed east along Bates Road past numerous impressive homes, the signs suggested that we couldn’t get to Harrys Hut this way.

This is true if you’re in a motor vehicle. The track is too rough.

But it’s a perfect track to enjoy on a Mountain Bike.

Bates Road, Como

Our smiles grew as we rolled eastwards, over fallen logs, around a collapsed bridge and through thick grass.

Galloways Lane

Galloways Lane is a rough road reserve running North / South for about 8km. We followed it northwards towards the plantations near Harrys Hut Road.

Forest Trails

Forest Trails

The pine plantations gave way to rainforest thick with Paperbarks and spiky Cabbage Tree Palms.

This was paradise.

The trails were rough and bumpy: I crashed over my handlebars at one point. But this was turning into a perfect day for riding a bike with a group of friends.

Forest TrailsCreek Crossing

The lack of rainfall ovet the last year has caused many of the smaller creeks to dry up. This enabled us to cross dry creek beds as we traversed the forest to the North of Harrys Hut Road, heading towards the River.

Harrys Hut Road

Eventually we emerged from the forest onto the main road, amidst towering Eucalypts It was a quiet day and we hardly encountered any cars on the road.

Harrys HutSurvey Tree

It wasn’t long before we arrived at our desination for a rest and a bite to eat…

Chilling in the Noosa RiverLace Monitor

…and a swim in the river, while the wildlife watched curiously.

Riding FreeRiding Free

Some of the wildlife was very curious.

Nic by the Noosa River

We all enjoyed the chance to rest our legs.

Harrys Hut Road

After our relaxing break we rode west along Harrys Hut Road towards Kin Kin Creek.

Kin Kin Creek TrailKin Kin Creek

This inviting secluded creek flows east into Lake Cootharaba.

Lace Monitor

The creek is framed by giant old Eucalyts. One large tree dwarfed the goanna that was clinging to it.

The Yellow Brick Road

As we started our return journey, we made our way back to the northen end of Galloways Lane.

Galloways Lane, Como

At its northen end, Galloways Lane starts passes along the edge of the Great Sandy National Park. Although we had to work a bit harder as we rode through the grass, the trees provided welcome shade from the sun.

Galloways Lane, Yalanga StationGalloways Lane, Yalanga Station

Galloways Lane, Yalanga Station

At its southern end, the road reserve passes through Yalanga Station – a vast cattle property.

Galloways Lane, Yalanga StationGalloways Lane, Yalanga Station

It’s not safe for motor vehicles to get through this way to Harrys Hut, which might explain why the gaste is usually shut.

Simpsons Road Hill Climb

We continued south, joining back up with the Noosa Trail Network. Simpsons Road is a large climb which is almost impossible to ride up. Most of us pushed our bikes up, although Darb, Tony and Paul managed to ride all the way to the top. Awesome effort, guys!

Simpsons Road Hill Climb

Eventually all of our exhausted group made it to the top of the hill.

The steep rocky descent from here to Shepperson’s Park is exhillarating.

Sheppersons Park Descent

We all made it safely down the other side at our own pace. Some took it easy, some almost flew down it.

Sheppersons Park

Everyone enjoyed a quick rest at the bottom. A few of us were running low on water and topped up here.

Sheppersons Lane, Kin KinSheppersons Lane, Kin Kin

Sheppersons Lane, Kin Kin

The final stretch back into Kin Kin involved a few rolling hills as we passed along Shppersons Lane through another dairy farm. It was a challenge for tired legs.

Fiddler Beetle

This fiddler beetle (Eupoecila australasiae) hitched a ride on Nic’s pink riding glove. They’re called “fiddler beetles” because the green markings resemble those on a violin.

You must be magic, Nic. Beetles don’t just choose anyone to ride with :)

Gourmet Menu

Happy and tired, we all piled in to the Kin Kin pub for a bite to eat. We didn’t eat from the “Gourmet” menu this time, opting for simpler fare.

All up we rode about 56km in just over 5 hours including breaks. We climbed about 520 metres, and I burned about 2,700 kcal.

I’ll rate this one 8 out of 10 on the tough-o-meter. It would not be pleasant after a lot of rain, but it would be easier in the cooler months. Make sure you bring plenty of water… and your swimming gear :)

Thanks everyone for a fun day out!

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