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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


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Sea Eagle - Lake Samsonvale

I took Liz’s Canon Powershot camera on my bike ride today in the hope I might spot some wildlife near the dam. As though responding to some cue, these eagles started soaring overhead while I rolled along underneath with my eyes pointing upwards when I should have been watching the track.

Luckily I didn’t hit in obstacles :)

Sea Eagle - Lake Samsonvale

Sea Eagle - Lake Samsonvale

These two photos were a bit of a fluke. I hoped the eagles would drift between me and the moon so I could get both in the shot. By some great stroke of luck, that’s exactly what happened.

Sea Eagle - Lake Samsonvale

They were effortless – hardly any flapping, just slowly circling overhead. They seemed to be enjoying their flight as much as I was enjoying my ride.

Wallaby - Lake Samsonvale

And to top the afternoon off, this shy wallaby stopped long enough for me to get a photo. I kept the tree between me and him, so he couldn’t see me, got the camera ready, stepped sidways into view, and took the shot before he bounded off into the undergrowth.

Clear Mountain and Mount Samson

It’s always a nice ride up by the lake.

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