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Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Lakes

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We’re lucky to live near two artificial lakes: Lake Kurwongbah which was created when Sideling Creek was dammed in 1955, and Lake Samsonvale which was created when the North Pine River was dammed in 1968.

I love riding the bike by these large bodies of water.

Pump House - North Pine River

The Pump House was built in 1955 as part of the construction of the Lake Kurwongbah Dam. It pumps water uphill into Lake Kurwongbah from the North Pine River to keep the Dam topped up.

Lake Kurwongbah was oriiginally built to supply water to the Australian Paper Manufacturers (APM) Petrie Mill – now known as the Amcor Cartonboard Petrie Mill.

Today if you walk along the Dam Wall at Kurwongbah you’ll often see a mass of air bubbling up to the lake surface. This is because the Pump House is operating, transferring water into Lake Kurwongbah. (It’s also a good reason not to swim in the river near the Pump House!)

[Source: "Pioneering the Pine", Leith Barter. 2005]

Pelican - Lake Samsonvale

If you look carefully you can see a pelican drifting on Lake Samsonvale. I watched this one gliding in like a strangely shaped flying boat from years gone by.

Sunset - Lke Samsonvale

It doesn’t get much better than this! There are a lot worse things you could do than wander along the shoreline of Lake Samsonvale :)

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