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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Glasshouse Tears

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The Rocky Giant hunches with his face towards the sea

And his heart is filled with aching from an ancient tragedy

That happened in the dreamtime when the land was fresh and young

And his burning anger separated Tibro from his son.

But he holds a darker sorrow that he longs to should out loud -

Someone else’s precious son is waiting to be found.

And Tibrogargan comforts him: “Peace. You’re not alone -

My family of mountains will help to bring you home”.

The pregnant Mother Beerwah has been waiting to give birth

But it takes an age for mountain babes to rise up from the earth.

And as she waits she worries over all her Glasshouse brood

And hopes that they’ll grow safe and strong (as all young mountains should)

She watches while they frolic all about her feet each day

And she notices another child has joined with them in play.

Another mother’s son is lost: “For how long have you roamed?

Stay here with us until it’s time for you to go back home”

The Gubbi tell the story of Glasshouse woes and fears

Why all the creeks flow constantly with bitter mountain tears:

An ancient storm; An argument; A son who went astray -

An absent child; An aching void that never goes away.

The mountain spirits kept their word, their sacred task is done

With ancient love and tenderness for someone else’s son.

And so today the Glasshouse creeks are flowing with fresh tears

For Daniel’s coming home at last: he’s waited eight long years.

Neil Ennis, August 2011

In memory of Daniel Morcombe, and in gratitude for the comfort we can draw from the dreamtime legends of the Gubbi Gubbi / Kabi aboriginal people.

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