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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Under the Gateway and away!!!!

You know the cruise has well and truly started when you sail under the Gateway bridge and
Brisbane slowly recedes behind you.


arxcards said...

Where is everyone Neil?

Ok, you have convinced me to setup a blog so I can chat to you on the high seas.
What surprises from the pics is the empty decks, particularly at sailaway under the bridge. Is your ssailing pretty full, or a few spare seats?


Neil Ennis said...


We were in a "Kids only" area, on Deck 7 behind the kids club. Most of the people on board didn't know about it, and you sort of felt guilty going down there unless you had kids with you.

The cruise was pretty full - over 1250 passengers.

But when you're a veteran, you know where to go to avoid the crowds :)