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Monday, October 22, 2007

"Blow cruel winds"

It's howling a gale up on the top deck.

Harrison and Lilly woke up really early, so Dad took them up on deck while Liz and I slept in.
They thought it was great that the wind was almost blowing them over.

Both Liz and Emma are still feeling seasick. Emma's going to get a seasickness injection this
morning, which is supposed to work wonders.

Liz is comparing it to pregnancy: "You only remember the good bits". I think I might try and
convince her to get the injection too.

We get inside the New Caledonia reef in about 5 hours time - so the big waves should abate

Dad and I almost won a "name that tune" competition in the Piano Bar last night.

And I almost sang at the Karaoke bar. Maybe next time :)

More photos and news soon!

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