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Monday, May 20, 2013

Living the Dream – Tropical Trick Shots

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In 1999 Liam Connor made a major decision to quit his Environmental Science degree, and study something he was passionate about – Film Making.

Since then he has shot a number of overseas films, and was a recent finalist in the prestigious Tropfest 2013 Film Festival with his short film “Time” – shot in and around the Gold Coast Hinterland.

His latest work, filmed in tropical North Queensland, is a fun two minute video of people performing amazing trick shots with footballs.

Liam and his film maker friends, Lucas Thyer and Brad Francis, got together a bunch of excited backpackers who were staying in Cairns at the time, as well as a dance crew that Lucas knew.

They used an array of GoPro Hero3 cameras, including a semi-submerged vertical array to get some spectacular footage – the result is stunning.

Liam tells me while some of the shots worked on the first go, many of them took hours.

You might look at what this son of a humble avocado farmer from the Tweed Valley is doing and think “What a lucky bloke – he’s living the dream”, but I don’t think it has anything to do with luck.

I think it comes down to Passion, Persistence and Perfection – the magic ingredients for any successful venture.

How can you create anything worthwhile unless you’re passionate about what you’re doing?

But passion isn’t enough. It takes ages to get some things just right – which requires persistence. And you’re not going to persist unless you really want excellence.

Good on you, Liam, for having the guts to decide to follow your passion – and for sticking with it. And best wishes to you, Brad and Lucas with this entry in the “1 day in Paradise” competition :)

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