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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Fun

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There actually is much more to my life than riding bikes :)

This weekend, our youngest daugher Lilly had a major role in her school play, “Yee ha”. In the wild west, something stinks, and it’s not the drains. In a hilarious take on the real world, the local mayor is in cahoots with a gang of criminals, and is trying to rip off the town to line his own pockets.

Yee Ha!Yee Ha!

Lilly played the part of “Big Chief Walking Weasel”. She calls her tribe “Google” because “They’re her search Injun’s” (Ba boom!)

Yee Ha!Yee Ha!

It was a fun play – we really enjoyed the color and the songs. But most of all, we were proud of our young star who performed magnificently.

The Bat CaveThe Bat Cave

So on the following day we thought we’d “chill out” and take a drive to Samford and relax. On the way we stopped at “The Bat Cave“. I’ve ridden there before on the bike, but I wanted to show it to Liz and the kids.

Yugar Railway TunnelThe Bat Cave

The tunnel was built in 1919 as part of the now defunct railway line between Samford and Dayboro. It was closed in the 1950′s when the line stopped being used, and was eventually recycled by the University of Queensland to be used by a colony of bats. Hence the name “Bat Cave”.

The Bat Cave

Today the disused railway line is used by horse riders, mountain bikers and hikers as a recreational trail.

Kids by the Lake

After a delicious snack at Samford we drove up to Samsonvale Cemetery. It’s on the shore of Lake Samsonvale. An entire town used to be here, but it disappeared under the lake when the North Pine Dam was built. Ironically, the “dead centre” of Samsonvale is all that remains of the town.

FishingWhistling Kite

It’s a beautiful spot to relax, cast in a fishing line, or watch the local Whistling Kites look for food.

The Angel of Samsonvale

It’s also a great place to read the grave stones, some of them heart breakingly tragic, and think about how short life is, and how wonderful it is to be alive, and to share it with such special people as our families.

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