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Friday, December 23, 2011


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The loop along Joyners Ridge Road, Goodes Road, up to Dundas Road is steep. I love the challenge of putting in maximum effort climbing Goodes Road, and making it to the top knowing that I nailed that 5km steep climb.

Today I took a couple of my friends, Simon and Tim, with me. Like me, they also found it hard work, but they didn’t give in, and we all made it back in one piece.

The derailleur on Tim’s front chain rings stopped working, so he didn’t have “granny gear” to make the big climbs. He had to do most of the ride in middle ring, which is really difficult in hilly terrain.

Simon had agreed to come on the ride not knowing what it was going to be like, so he did it trusting in me that it would be ok.

Goodes Road - SimonGoodes Road - Tim

So I really admire these two guys for putting in a really gutsy effort on what was a tough ride.

Tim Cools OffCleaning Up

By the time we got back up to Dundas Road water tank, Tim felt like freshening up, so he lay on the ground under the tap, and turned it on full-blast. The only problem was this made the ground under him muddy, and he ended up getting covered in dirt – so Simon had to help clean him up.

Simon and Tim deserve the title of “Hero” for persevering on a tough task (like today’s ride), even though it sometimes demands more effort than we think is possible.

Well done guys!

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