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Friday, January 14, 2011

Noosa Heads

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When most people think of Noosa Heads they think of Hastings Street and pretentious yuppies sipping latte’s or Chardonnay.

The best part of Noosa Heads is the National Park – a vast expanse of unspoilt wilderness covering most of the headland with a heap of different ecosystems.

When the sun came out for the first time since who knows when, Liz and I decided to take the kids for a 6.5km hike around the national park, and we’re really glad we did. Here’s some photos of our walk:

Noosa Heads National Park

Liz and the kids enjoying one of the trails in the park

Noosa Heads National Park

Harrison checks out the view of one of the headlands.

Hell’s Gates

Noosa Heads National Park

The kids and I enjoy a break at “Hells Gates” partway through our walk through the national park.

Noosa Heads National Park

Lilly and Harrison having fun at one of the lookouts on the headland.

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