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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ewen Maddock Dam

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Rainforest, Lakes, Mud, Flooded Trails, Railway Tunnels and angry Goannas – just some of the fun things I discovered with Tim today as we explored Ewen Maddock Dam and Dularcha National Park.

Mono through the Mud

Even though most of the trails were pretty soggy from all the recent rain, they were still fun to ride.

Dularcha Railway Tunnel

The Dularcha Railway Tunnel was built in 1890 as part of the original Brisbane – Cairns railway line. A newer, flatter route was built in 1931, when this particular section of the line was abandoned. It’s now part of the Dularcha National Park which contains beautiful rainforest.

Dularcha Railway Tunnel


At the end of the ride we met a beautiful goanna who let us get pretty close to take photos, but started hissing loudly at us to let us know he didn’t like us crowding him too much.

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