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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Geocaching in Upper Caboolture

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Here’s some pictures of our Geocaching ( expedition today. If you like discovering new places, and don’t mind the challenge of trying to find something that has been craftily hidden, then you might really enjoy Geocaching. All you need is a GPS and a sense of adventure.

Upper Caboolture Cemetery

Upper Caboolture CemeteryUpper Caboolture Cemetery

This is a historic church and cemetery in Upper Caboolture where we found a geocache. I was bowled over when I found the grave of a woman who had been born in 1799. The peaceful rural views are beautiful.

Lilly the jungle girlGeocaching is funGeocaching is funGeocaching is funZillman's CrossingGeocaching is fun

I also took the family back to Zillman’s Crossing to find a Geocache there.

We didn’t end up finding it because I think it got washed away in the recent floodwater after the rain.

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