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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clear Mountain

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Clear MountainClear MountainClear MountainClear Mountain

Here’s some photos of the "Clear Mountain" loop.

This is basically a gradual climb along the southern shore of lake Samsonvale, and then a monster climb to the top of Clear Mountain.

Coming down the other side, you can achieve speeds of up to 100km/h but it was raining heavily, so we were alot more cautious.

To mix things up a bit, we added some dirt riding as well. All up I burnt 2160 kcal on this ride – one of the toughest I’ve done.

Some of the gradients on the bitumen were 20% (one in five) which is difficult even for a car :)

I really enjoyed the dirt section best. It was slow, dirty, and I was covered in mud, but MTB’s are built for this sort of thing. I would have taken more photos, but it was raining lots, so I couldn’t take the phone out of the plastic to take photos – otherwise it would have got soaked!

I’ve just realized how lucky I am to live so close to so many good quality dirt tracks. But sadly, developers are circling like vultures. New housing estates are springing up everywhere, and soon the best dirt tracks will only be on the roads marked "No Tresspassing".

Thanks, Steve, for showing me this route!

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