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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Boeing 314

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A Postcard from Dan ( in Georgia. Dan is a kindred spirit who loves Ships, Airships Old Aircraft and postcards.

Thanks for the fantastic postcards, Dan. I’ve sent a couple more in reply.

The Boeing 314 aircraft operated between 1938 and 1946 for Pan Am and BOAC. She was nicknamed “The Super Clipper” by Pan Am.

This flying boat took off from and landed on water. She had an operational speed of about 300km/h as she carried 36 overnight, or 68 day passengers in luxury on trans-atlantic (New Yor / Southampton) and trans-pacific (San Francisco / Hong Kong) flights.

The seats could be converted into bunks for overnight accommodation. She also boasted a lounge and dining area, where meals cooked by chefs from four-star hotels were served.

An amazing aircraft, with levels of luxury and style that have not been seen since.

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