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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some technical articles if you're interested

I have a technical blog that I occasionally add articles to, so that I don't bore you with hi-tech ramblings here. But in case you're interested, here's a brief summary of some recent articles.

Cool technology - fun with PVRs
Some amazing facts - just incase you'd like to be impressed.
My Inbox - This is an amazing feat for me!
Slideshow from RSS for Wordpress - Some pretty stuff for blogs

I also have a ShipWatcher blog that has some interesting articles about ships. I add all my ship articles here. But if you're interested:
SS Orford - A short life. Don Bradman travelled on this ship.
RMS Orion / SS Orion - The first "Ten Pound Pom" ship, launched by remote control from Brisbane.
New Instant Slideshows! - A cool new feature I've added to ShipWatcher
Crystal Serenity / Crystal Symphony - some new ships I've added to ShipWatcher

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