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Sunday, October 19, 2008



One my earliest childhood memories was sitting on the loungeroom floor of my Mum and Dad's old house in the UK playing with their 45rpm records.

I used to call them "Reckles".

We'd play them on an old portable white record player with a blue fabric front, and brass buckles, so you could do it up like a suitecase and carry it.

In an attempt to chase down old memories, I re-enacted the scene of the crime, playing in my own loungeroom with the same "reckles".

(I mamaned to convince mum to give them to me).

No stunning results yet.

But as the Beatles say in one of their "reckles" that I played today. "It's not like me to pretend, but I'll get you! I'll get you in the end!".

Here's a video I did of it - mainly to help jog my memory, but also to have a bit of fun!

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