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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Letter to Gran, April 1972

Letter to Gran, April 1972
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It speaks for itself. I have no idea how this turned up after 36 years. Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder!

It's amazing the facts that co-incide with this old letter:

1. Tropical Cyclone Emily occurred from 27 March to 4 April 1972. Eight lives were lost at sea. It crossed the QLD coast south of Gladstone, wreaking havoc in the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race, in which only 5 of the 25 starters were able to complete the race.

2. Dad's brother Brian was working in the merchant navy at the time. His ship was in Brisbane on 17 March 1972. Next time I get to the State Library, I'll look up the name of the ship in the Courier Mail.

3. Mum's Father, John Mitchell let us know he's be visiting us in September 1972.

4. The TV talent show, "Opportunity Knocks", very popular in Britain at the time, started screening in Brisbane.

5. Bruce (Dad) spars with Australian Light Middleweight boxing champ, Jeff White. Dad was a heavyweight, and says White wanted some sparring practice with a heavier boxer. Dad landed a beauty on White's nose, and White got pretty annoyed after that, and Dad had scars and bruises to show off for weeks after.

Here's the interpretation for those who can't read the writing of a 9 year old:


Dear Gran,

Hello, I'm sorry I couldn't write, it just skipped my mind. I hope you had a happy easter and that you are keeping well. Easter was great over here.
I had my bicycle fixed not long ago and now it's got a puncture, but I need not worry because I bought a puncture outfit. There's a new cyclone coming down the coast called "Emily". At six pm yesterday it crossed the coast. Uncle Brian came last month and we had a lovely surprise. It was a coincidence because he was here for Karen's birthday. Grandad says he'll be coming over here in September. I said a lille prayer for you so you could get better. Now we are having "Opportunity Knocks" on over here. Dad goes to boxing now and he sparred with Jeff White, in case you don't no who he is, he's the champion boxer of Australia. We'll it's signing of time I guess, so good bye and god bless you.
From your grandson Neil xxxxxxx
PS. Sorry the letter was so short.

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