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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Skippy Goes Geocaching
Skippy wanted to write some more about today's Geocaching hunt.

Being the obliging host, how could I refuse! Tell us all about it, Skippy!

We went Birdwatching and Geocaching today!

Well, Neilius calls our first visit "Birdwatching", but I know the real story. No one could find the Geocache. They all crawled around on their hands and knees in the bushes for half an hour while I watched the birds and Bella (smart little doggie that
she is) took some photos of me.

In the end, Liz told Neil that he had to go, so rather than call it a "failed Geocache hunt" he called it "Birdwatching". Even though I was the only one looking at the lovely birds. And there are heaps of them on this wonderful suburban lake at Northlakes.

The next stop was at Clontarf - a small suburb of Redcliffe.

Neilius and his family must be mad! They were counting bolts on drink fountains and park signs, and recording numbers on lamp posts. They plugged all the numbers into a GPS, and BANG!!! out popped some co-ordinates where we found a small container full of goodies in the middle of the bush.

This family I am staying with is a little bit strange. But Bella tells me that despite that, they are a lot of fun and that I will eventually grow to love them.

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